2.2. Updates / New Versions

2.2. Updates / New Versions

There are no updates for Laserworld Showeditor, but new versions (releases)! If a new version shall be installed, the old version must be removed from the computer prior to the installation.
To do so, start the downloaded installer from Laserworld. The following dialog (Fig.1) will be displayed:

Fig.1 setup wizard
Fig.1: Setup-Wizard of Laserworld Showeditor.

Now select the option “Remove Laserworld Showeditor” with a mouse click on the respective radio button. After confirmation via a click on “Finish”, the old program will be removed. The *.ini-file remains in the Windows folder (operating system folder). Thus all settings will be conserved (serial number, hardware setup etc.).

Now the “update” can be carried out like a new installation. In the case of major installation issues, the old program folder and possibly the *.ini file should be removed prior to the new installation. This usually helps with fixing issues, however standard settings get lost hen deleting the *.ini file.

An exact location where the *.ini file is stored cannot be given, because since Windows 7 the location is dependent on the settings of the operating system. Thus the option to delete the old *.ini file via the program is added under Options → Reset. To determine the location of the file use Options → Others → Button “Show Software Paths”. Normally it is not necessary to remove the *.ini file(s), except problems at software start-up or major installation issues occur.