About Laserworld Showeditor

Laserworld Showeditor is a computer control software for show laser light systems to create laser shows of different kinds. The software uses the standard ILDA signal transmission for show output and thus is compatible to almost every show laser light systems with computer control option. Laserworld Showeditor also explicitly supports the ILDA file exchange format *.ild - it allows for import of different ILDA file versions as well as for ILDA file export.

There were previous, very successful Laserworld Showeditor versions, 2009 and 2011, which are now followed by a completely redesigned and reengineered version since 2015. This new version comes with new technology: The ShowNET DAC interface is a LAN / network interface and uses the standard TCP/IP transmission protocol. This makes the whole hardware infrastructure for Laserworld Showeditor very versatile, as the network connection allows for very long cable distances and with using standard network switches it is possible to distribute the signal as well as boost it and thus extend the signal range.

Laserworld Showeditor V6 packaging 250

Laserworld Showeditor is a full range software, meaning it covers the two main different aspects of laser show control: Live Laser Show and Timeline Laser Show. In addition to these two control features, Laserworld Showeditor comes with the mighty Figure editor that allows for easily creating own figures, importing graphics, creating running texts or morph texts and transform images to raster frames. Advanced features, like the abstracts generator, color adaption as well as powerful optimization tools make the software suitable even for demanding applications.