13. The Live Window

The Live Window has been designed for creating laser shows live to the music that is actually played, by a DJ, band or other artist.
The whole live show window also bases on a figure set that is stored in a show folder (see chapter 6.10). All show configuration that is done in the Live Window shall be stored as “Live Show” file (*.live). All depending figures and supporting files must reside in the same folder on the hard disc.

Fig.139 live window
Fig.139: The Live Window

If the screen resolution is less than 1280x1024 pixels, some scrollbars for the effects control may be not visible.

The live laser show control window provides the possibility to play a laser show live to music etc. by using preset figures, which are assigned to keys and can then either be played with the computer keyboard by pressing the respective key, by clicking the desired buttons with the mouse or by using an external DMX or MIDI controller.

All settings that have been made to a respective key are stored, so become active again on recalling that key.

active key The active key is highlighted with a purple border.

pressed key Pressed-and-released keys are highlighted with a green border

The properties of the keys are refreshed on pressing the keys.

Please see the chapter “Figure Editor” (Chapter 6) for details on assigning figures to keys.

A preview of animated figures is displayed when the mouse is moved over the very key.