8.7. Tab “Others 2”

8.7. Tab “Others 2”

8.7.1. Show animated frames in Figure Editor

This option displays the preview of animated figures within the drawing area of the Figure Editor if a frame rate is specified and the animation play is activated.


8.7.2. Progress bar always on top

Specifies if a progress bar shall stay on top during any processing (e.g. *.ild import etc.). If unchecked, the progress bar can be overlaid by other windows during the processing.


8.7.3. Quick-start on use of Play button in Timeline Editor

This option controls if a quick start of the show at the very selected is possible position within the Timeline Editor by using the Play button.


8.7.4. Load default Live Show

This option controls whether the default Live Show shall be loaded on program startup. Standard setting is “yes”.


8.7.5. Resolution Wave Form Display

See Chapter 6.18.8 (wave Generator) for details.


8.7.6. ILDA Color Byte Order

The setting of this option is NOT stored to the *.ini file, however it may be of help when importing certain *.ild frame types: As there are two different interpretations of the ILDA file format standard, the order of the color channels can be specified in two ways: RGB or BGR. The color order of Red and Blue is inverted.
So changing this option to a different ILDA standard interpretation, allows for Import and proper interpretation of ILDA frames with differently specified color order. As the color order is changed to the “correct” one on saving of the imported frames to a *.heb file, the settings do not need to be preserved on closing of the program (and would in contrast lead to irritations if being preserved).


8.7.7. Define Autoload Show

The show to be loaded automatically on program startup can be specified here.


8.7.8. Reset Autoload

Resets the auto load of a show to the standard setting.