6.5. File (Buttons Save, Save As and Save All)

6.5. File (Buttons Save, Save As and Save All)

Fig.47 save button
Fig.47: File save buttons and grid

These buttons are used to save the created figure(s) (Fig.47).

6.5.1. Save

Saves the active figure. If this figure has already been given a name and has been saved already, the figure is saved automatically, overwriting the existing file without notice. If no file name has been given and the figure hasn’t been saved yet, the “Save as” dialog opens and the figure can be named and then saved.


6.5.2. Save As

This opens the standard “Save as” dialog, asking where the file should be saved to and offering the possibility to enter a file name. Figures created with Laserworld Showeditor are saved in the *.heb file format. Export to *.ild file format is possible as well. Please refer to section 6.14.8 for further details on this.

Important: Special Characters in file names and file paths:
Due to the software being used internationally, it is not possible to use special characters like ä, ö, ß, é etc.. If any of these characters are used for naming a file or a file path, an error message is displayed.
It is also important to not use any blank spaces in file or folder names, this is likely not to work.


6.5.3. Save All

“Save All” saves all figures of the Figure Table, so changes that have been made to several figures are saved all at once.