9.7. Menu: Video

9.7. Menu: Video

Fig.114 timeline menu video
Fig.114: Timeline Editor: Menu Video>

9.7.1. Window On/Off

This menu item opens the video preview window, which only makes sense if a video file is selected as media file for the show.

All video file formats that can be used in the Windows Media Player as standard are supported.


9.7.2. Correct Aspect Ratio

Automatically corrects the aspect ratio of the video file. Using only this feature may lead to the video size exceeding the screen size.


9.7.3. Stretch Video in Window

Stretches the video to make it fit the screen size. Distortions can happen.


9.7.4. Full screen

Shows the video in full screen mode. A mouse click exits full screen mode.

If the laser show is played through PlayHQ, the video window changes to full screen mode. The “main screen” of the PC is switched to black out as usual. But the feature “Monitor Standby” has to be switched off.