Multi-Interface operation, compatible hardware

Laserworld Showeditor hardware interfaces can have a Master or a Slave license, meaning that one hardware interface with included valid license (Master interface) is required in a laser show control setup - the rest of the interfaces does not need a license (Slave interfaces). The complete Laserworld Showeditor Set comes with a Master interface, including the license. If more interfaces shall be used, it is not necessary to purchase further complete Laserworld Showeditor Sets: a Laserworld ShowNET interface without license, that works as Slave, is sufficient. It is only necessary to have one Master license interface in the same networkas the Slaves.


Although Laserworld Showeditor does not recognize the Master licenses of previous versions, most hardware (DACs) of previous Laserworld Showeditor versions can be used as Slave interfaces.


Do you own a previous Version of Laserworld Showeditor?

A common 3 interface example setup with older USB interfaces would be:

1 x Laserworld Showeditor Set (incl the Master ShowNET with license)

1 x Laserworld USB interface (Master license, e.g. for Showeditor 2011)

1 x Laserworld USB interface (Slave)


Of course: The example above would still only allow to use the benefits of LAN cable for the one Master interface. The old Slave interfaces would still run over USB.