8.1. Settings – Import, Export

The settings (except the show options) are saved to an *.ini-file. The place where the *.ini-file is stored, depends on the operation system of the computer. Windows XP e.g. stores the file in the Windows folder. Windows 7 and 8 use a more complex path for saving the file. An overview of all paths used by Laserworld Showeditor can be accessed through Options->Others 1->Show used Softwarepaths.

In case of an error caused by a defective *.ini file, it is recommended to simply delete this *.ini file – a new one with the standard, basic settings is automatically created on restart of the software.
The Options Window also has a “Reset Settings” tab which provides similar but also more extended options for resetting the configuration file.

The file path to the active and loaded *.ini file is shown at the bottom of the Options window, white letters on black background. This is a useful information, as it is possible to create different *.ini files and thus store different configurations for future easy access. So several configurations can easily be saved and re-loaded by using the buttons “Export Settings” / “Import Settings”.
It is also possible to directly start Laserworld Showeditor with double-click on the very *.Laser_ini file, which makes it very easy to handle different settings for e.g. different venues, different hardware configurations, etc.
On importing other settings, they are automatically applied and stored. As the previous configuration is overwritten with the new configuration being applied, it is recommended to save this previous configuration if it should be preserved – prior to importing new settings.
After the import has been successfully completed, a restart of the software is done automatically.
The restart is necessary as a change in the hardware settings requires a re-initialization, which can only happen on program startup.