3.5. Use of Function Keys (F0 to F12)

3.5. Use of Function Keys (F0 to F12)

This is important!

To use figures within a show, they have to be assigned to a key before. Laserworld Showeditor figures are always triggered by pressing keys. “Keys” can also be Timeline feedback, MIDI, DMX, etc.

All keys can be used in combination with the function (“F”) keys. The keys F1 to F12 can be used, but the software also can respond to F0, which means “NO function key used”.

The behaviour of the function keys is dependent on the setting of the feature “Use Key up event -> Figure off” in the menu Settings of the Timeline window.

If the option is not set (default setting), the predefined F-page is selected by pushing the respective F-key. All program windows will show the selected F-page. By pushing the active F-key again, the selection is cancelled and the F0-page is selected.

If the option “Use Key up event -> Figure off” is chosen, then the respective F-key must be pushed and held during pushing the figure key!

Try to avoid using the F10 key, as native Microsoft Windows features may be assigned to this (depending on the Windows version in use).