1.1. Liability

Laserworld (Switzerland) AG or any other legal entity or person involved in the process of development and publication of this piece of software is not responsible nor liable for damages to show laser hardware and components like e.g. galvanometer scanners or for the health of people or animals like eye-damages due to focused laser beams or projection with too high intensity or for any other occasions that may arise from the use of the software Laserworld Showeditor.
Every user of Laserworld Showeditor must respect the very laser safety regulations of the country the laser systems are operated in. In general, the IEC 60825 is the international regulation for this; however there may be state or local regulations or laws that require additional laser safety related measures.

It is possible to create still standing beams / static beams with this software! The laser safety for the laser-device(s) controlled through this software must be ensured by the operator. The operator must be aware of potential risks arising from the use of show laser devices, especially when people or animals can be hit by laser radiation.

Every laser operator should bear in mind that he is at any time responsible for damages that may arise from his use of laser gear.