6.19. Menu: Color Table

6.19. Menu: Color Table

Fig.79 color table menu
Fig.79: Figure Editor: Menu Color-Table.

The color table is the central part of the software to handle color in- and output. Different color table settings are possible, so this menu offers different options for customizing the settings.
The color table adaptions are not necessary for the utmost of shows and figures, but especially older files may require it.


6.19.1. Reset

“Reset” resets the Color Table to default colors (Laserworld Showeditor Table).


6.19.2. Save

“Save” saves the active Color Table. This is useful if a different ILDA color table is imported.
Each show can use its own color table, which will automatically be saved together with saving the show.


6.19.3. Load

Load a previously saved Color Table.


6.19.4. Load Pangolin Color Table

Pangolin color tables were often used for ILDA frames in the past. To convert a file that uses the Pangolin color table to using the standard Showeditor table, open the file, apply the “Load Pangolin Color Table” and export the file as ILDA file again. With doing so, the standard Showeditor color table is applied.
It is also possible to separately convert frames to the Showeditor Color Table by using the Special Features->Change Colour Values to SE Values feature (See chapter 6.18.2)