6.21. Menu: Test Pictures (and Fix Figures)

6.21. Menu: Test Pictures (and Fix Figures)

The menu Test Pictures opens a second figure table that contains standard test patterns. In addition to this, all figures that are stored in the folder “FixFiguren” are loaded in this second table.


6.21.1. Test Pictures

The test pictures are stored in the folder “TestBilder” and have the file extension *.bin. Test pictures created specifically for Laserworld Showeditor have the *.heb file format.

Important: The DAC output of the test pictures is not optimized! They are meant for Galvo scanner driver tuning only! Software settings, especially optimization settings in the software, have no effect!
For optimizing the software output to the DAC, use the test pictures that reside in the folder “HE_s_TestBilder”. Those are most suitable ones for configuring the output optimization.

Any figure can be assigned to keys and thus be used in shows.

The test picture table closes when the menu item is unchecked.


6.21.2. Fixed Figures

Laserworld Showeditor allows for storing basic figures that can be accessed and used independently of the loaded show. Those are called “Fixed Figures”. Any figure that is saved in the “FixFiguren” folder is considered a Fixed Figure and is treated by Showeditor accordingly.