8.4. Tab “Show”

8.4. Tab “Show”

The settings in the Show Tab affect the currently loaded show. They are stored in the show file (*.shw) and are preserved for the very show.

Fig.90 tab show
Fig.90: Options Window, Tab “Show”


8.4.1. Damping for Absolute Rotation (Compression)

If the “Absolute” option is used with effects, the values entered in this field apply. The damping avoids having stuttering effects in the laser projection. Smaller values result in more aggressive damping. Value one completely switches damping off. Values greater than 1 result in a discontinuous projection and/or overshooting of the scanners.
It is recommended to preserve the standard values for most shows.


8.4.2. Select new Audio File

Each laser show has a specifically assigned audio file. This file path to this audio file is stored in the show file. However, if the path has changed or the audio file has been moved, Laserworld Showeditor cannot find the file any more. If this is the case, this button allows for re-assigning the sound file again.
Important: Always store the audio file in the same folder as the corresponding show is saved in.


8.4.3. File Name Song

For information purposes only: This displays the file name of the active audio file.


8.4.4. File Name Show

For information purposes only: This displays the name of the active show.


8.4.5. Save Show Settings

This button saves the show specific changes made in this Tab. It has the same function as “Save Show” of the Timeline Editor.